The tale of social
entrepreneuship sagaa

The Journey

That Led us


Some unexpected experiences will have a profound effect on anyone. A mind that is busy & leaping will be stuck with it, remembering something that was lost. They say it brings new meaning to life, which influences someone to get meaning and purpose in someone else’s life. Anooja Bashir, who went for Business purposes in Bangalore was influenced by this experience went up ahead for the support of the people in need. With experiencing such sightings she found a method for doing services to people creating “NIRVANAA” where such humanitarian causes are met. She conveyed this idea to her social entrepreneur friends who backed her up in this initiative, providing all the support they can. Our agenda is that each person has duties and obligations to their community and our activity has been always following this principle of communal harmony.

Actions and Matrices

The campaign was first centered in Abhaya following up with Welfare Association Trust, Providence Homes, Divyarakshalayam, Peace Valley, Asha Bhavan.

Our Mission

  • Lifting Humanity

    A thriving global community that lifts humanity and enhances the resources on which all life depends.

  • Ideal Society

    To create an IDEAL SOCIETY where everyone breaks the cliched social stigmas.

  • Better World

    To create an IDEAL SOCIETY where everyone breaks the cliched social stigmas.

You can contribute


  • Presence

    Being Physical present and involving in Campaign

  • Donation

    Contributing Money to social campaigns

  • Raising Funds

    Raising Funds/Amenities for Anooja Initiatives

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