Hunger Campaigns

The First Light

Our view of poverty is holistic and complex and hunger is the most critical among it as food  is essential for any life to survive. Every day too many men and women  across the globe struggle to feed their children a  nutritious meal. Our goal is eradicating  hunger and malnutrition from our society and provides every day meals  as much as possible by us.

Euphoria of Help

The second journey took right at her house cooking food for people at a medical institution who are struggling to meet the requirements of their treatment and people who haven’t had an opportune meal for days. The smile that brought on the faces of these people gave meaning to the act, also the hands were lent to even the bystanders who were tired and have been there for days availing their dotted ones out.

Holding Hands Together

This time she took the initiative to a shelter home for 500 people without any home or immediate relations who cared for them. The place, which has been undertaken by a middle-aged lady who has been undergoing difficulties in finding the everyday meal for her inmates there. These souls were contented to have been visited by Anooja and her team of family and friends with entertainment and music.


Mother & Child Welfare Initiative

Visit to palliative unit was a life touching one, as it made us witnessed warriors who fought the battle of life even at almost distress.Thanal palliative care unit is in nellikuzhi 14 km away moovatupuzha. Realizing that even after life taking toll,these human have showed us living can still be made with grace. lndeed the visit was life worthing experience.


A venture into Divyarakshalayam

The next one took place at a rehabilitation center for neglected and abandoned names as Divyarakshalayam situated in Thodupuzha which is run by Mr.Tomy Mathew along with Father benny an innovative man, and out of the ordinary priest who has developed schemes by which these people make a sustainable living than just spend their time in bed with around 250 people in the premise.

A heartbreaking experience

Life in the most reality

The sixth initiative was made to peace valley which is in nellikuzhy 14 km from moovattupuzha. It is a part of the Thanal palliative care unit where handicapped people and people in the last stages of cancer lives. Realizing that life takes tolls sometimes so brutally but again we met warriors of life who will never give up but will show the world that with spirit everything is possible. Experienced yet another face of humanity.


Touch of Humanity

Journey seven was done in rescue homes where mentally challenged and addicted people were been taken care of. It was a beautiful feel to talk with those old people who want to know about us too…One guy thanked us for the food we provided giving us the message of “What’s taken should be given back”. We provided lunch for them and all the people and the staffs sat together to watch a movie, as it is their daily routine